PINs, passwords and fingerprints aren't as safe as you think

New research reveals that retailers could lose nearly $71 billion in the next five years on transactions, such as online or mobile, where the card is not present. PINs, passwords and even fingerprints are no longer a sufficient means of securing ... Continue Reading
November 05,2017

Topics: behavioral biometrics, Mobile fraud, Artificial Intelligence, security

N-dimensional Authentication Takes Behavioral Biometrics to New Levels

 ... Continue Reading
May 06,2017

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, behavioral biometrics, security, Fraud

Social engineering in the mobile era?

While cleaning up my spam folder, I noticed an email from with the subject title “ You just need to confirm your account”. Before deleting the email, I clicked on it to make sure I was not deleting a legit message from Amazon. Thankfully, ... Continue Reading
April 17,2017

Topics: Fraud, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric Authentication, Biometric Security, Insider, Mobile fraud, security, behavioral biometrics

Amazon Go - Frictionless commerce, mobile fraud and behavioural biometrics?

Amazon has described Amazon Go as "a new kind of store with no checkout required”, which essentially means that you won’t have to stand in line to make payments. The Go store works with the new Amazon mobile app that detects the items placed in your ... Continue Reading
January 25,2017

Topics: behavioural biometrics, Biometric Authentication, security, Mobile fraud

Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics A Critical Security Layer

We are on the cusp of a global shift to change how we identify the individual. Smart devices including mobile phones, wearables and global access to cellular services have pushed biometrics as the new paradigm in user authentication and security - ... Continue Reading
August 20,2015

Topics: security, Biometric Security, Biometric Authentication

Hackers get access to Samsung phones via mobile security flaw

Mobile security researchers have discovered a security flaw in Samsung's default keyboard on its smartphones which can be exploited by hackers to snoop around your phone. Hackers could potentially access the phone's camera, read text messages, ... Continue Reading
June 18,2015

Topics: security

Tips for merchants to address mobile commerce fraud

In 2014, merchants experienced nearly twice the fraud rate in mcommerce versus ecommerce. A recent study from LexisNexis indicates that the most common types of fraud through mobile are identity theft, request for return or refund and international ... Continue Reading
June 11,2015

Topics: security

Adopting mobile payments for retailers

... Continue Reading
June 08,2015

Topics: security

Internet of Things - IoT Security Concerns and Thoughts

It is called the Internet of Everything – the burgeoning phenomenon of day-to-day consumer products and services that connect to the Internet. The IoE/IoT acronym could range from simple concepts like a home automation system that turns your lights ... Continue Reading
June 08,2015

Topics: security

Android finger print security flaw

Mobile security researchers have discovered a security flaw in Android that could enable attackers to intercept finger print data, which could be exploited to bypass the phone’s lock code or to authorize payments. ... Continue Reading
May 28,2015

Topics: security, Biometric Authentication

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