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AI-powered Cyberattacks On The Rise?

Modern AI-powered tools may be less terrifying than clichéd Terminator visions, but in the hands of the wrong individuals, they can still be pretty scary.... Continue Reading
November 17,2017

Driving Security for the New Age with AI-Powered Voice Biometrics

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April 28,2017

Topics: behavioral biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, voice biometrics

Adaptive Behavioral Authentication In The Enterprise

Adaptive authentication involves combining multiple authentication methods to provide the ideal compromise between convenience, security, and costs. This is more contextual in nature and rely on a more implicit form of authentication based on user ... Continue Reading
November 03,2015

Topics: Biometric Authentication

Companies move beyond passwords with human behavior algorithms

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October 10,2015

Google Showcases behavioral biometrics at io

Behavioral biometrics or behaviometrics is a form of biometric authentication that has shown promise to address the continuous frictionless authentication problem by allowing the device to identify the user without the user doing any explicit ... Continue Reading
August 27,2015

Topics: Biometric Authentication

Hackers get access to Samsung phones via mobile security flaw

Mobile security researchers have discovered a security flaw in Samsung's default keyboard on its smartphones which can be exploited by hackers to snoop around your phone. Hackers could potentially access the phone's camera, read text messages, ... Continue Reading
June 18,2015

Topics: security

Tips for merchants to address mobile commerce fraud

In 2014, merchants experienced nearly twice the fraud rate in mcommerce versus ecommerce. A recent study from LexisNexis indicates that the most common types of fraud through mobile are identity theft, request for return or refund and international ... Continue Reading
June 11,2015

Topics: security

Internet of Things - IoT Security Concerns and Thoughts

It is called the Internet of Everything – the burgeoning phenomenon of day-to-day consumer products and services that connect to the Internet. The IoE/IoT acronym could range from simple concepts like a home automation system that turns your lights ... Continue Reading
June 08,2015

Topics: security

Zighra joins the FIDO Alliance to accelerate biometric authentication

With the average person having 26 password-protected accounts but only five different passwords, it is no wonder that ID theft represented 60% of all fraud in 2014. A constant drain on productivity and user experience – Passwords and OTPs represent ... Continue Reading
April 24,2015

Study indicates Half of App Makers Spend Nothing On Mobile Security

A new study from the Ponemon Institute, on some of the largest organizations in the world including Fortune 500 companies, has found that 40% of companies fail to scan their apps for vulnerabilities before making them available to the public. ... Continue Reading
April 09,2015

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