Apple’s FaceID: Get ready for 'big data' to get even bigger

Posted by Deepak Dutt on November 05,2017
Organizations use big data analytics to monitor the behavior of a consumer, or potential consumer. Insurance agencies can benefit from such data to assess everything from driving behavior or home settings to reduce in-home risks, to health risks based on daily habits and routines to detect anomalies. Healthcare organizations can perform remote monitoring, while the automotive industry can profile drivers via connected cars and autonomous vehicles. Even apps like Maps, Camera, Weather and Uber use location services to cater to users based on their location. Big data is getting bigger, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Read the original post here

Category: Artificial Intelligence, FACEID, Apple, behavioral biometrics, Decentralized

Written by Deepak Dutt

Deepak Dutt from Zighra.

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