AI-powered Cyberattacks On The Rise?

Modern AI-powered tools may be less terrifying than clichéd Terminator visions, but in the hands of the wrong individuals, they can still be pretty scary.... Continue Reading
November 17,2017

PINs, passwords and fingerprints aren't as safe as you think

New research reveals that retailers could lose nearly $71 billion in the next five years on transactions, such as online or mobile, where the card is not present. PINs, passwords and even fingerprints are no longer a sufficient means of securing ... Continue Reading
November 05,2017

Topics: security, Mobile fraud, Artificial Intelligence, behavioral biometrics

Apple’s FaceID: Get ready for 'big data' to get even bigger

Organizations use big data analytics to monitor the behavior of a consumer, or potential consumer. Insurance agencies can benefit from such data to assess everything from driving behavior or home settings to reduce in-home risks, to health risks ... Continue Reading
November 05,2017

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, behavioral biometrics, Apple, Decentralized, FACEID

N-dimensional Authentication Takes Behavioral Biometrics to New Levels

 ... Continue Reading
May 06,2017

Topics: security, Fraud, Artificial Intelligence, behavioral biometrics

Driving Security for the New Age with AI-Powered Voice Biometrics

 ... Continue Reading
April 28,2017

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, behavioral biometrics, voice biometrics

Social engineering in the mobile era?

While cleaning up my spam folder, I noticed an email from with the subject title “ You just need to confirm your account”. Before deleting the email, I clicked on it to make sure I was not deleting a legit message from Amazon. Thankfully, ... Continue Reading
April 17,2017

Topics: Insider, security, Biometric Security, Biometric Authentication, Fraud, Mobile fraud, Artificial Intelligence, behavioral biometrics

Privacy considerations for Behavioral Biometrics

A wide variety of behavioral biometric types are currently being phased in for use across North America, including both continuous and adaptive biometric credentials. With 2017 shaping up to be the biggest year yet for cyber fraud according to last ... Continue Reading
March 30,2017

Topics: behavioural biometrics

2017 is going to be the year of Behavioral Biometrics and AI

2017 - The Year of Behavioral Biometrics? 2016 has been a challenging year for politics, public sanity and celebrity longevity, but also, for individuals and companies, a testing time in terms of online security. Fighting against increasingly ... Continue Reading
March 15,2017

Topics: Biometric Security, Biometric Authentication, behavioural biometrics, Fraud, Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Go - Frictionless commerce, mobile fraud and behavioural biometrics?

Amazon has described Amazon Go as "a new kind of store with no checkout required”, which essentially means that you won’t have to stand in line to make payments. The Go store works with the new Amazon mobile app that detects the items placed in your ... Continue Reading
January 25,2017

Topics: security, Biometric Authentication, behavioural biometrics, Mobile fraud

AI and machine learning fighting mobile fraud

Posted by Zighra |
A recent study from LexisNexis indicates that fraud is a growing problem for online retailers, specifically the ones that offer customers a mobile commerce option. “Merchants are challenged on various fronts, including an increased volume of ... Continue Reading
January 19,2017

Topics: Biometric Authentication, behavioural biometrics

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